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DOGS.....Of Course

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Red River Lone Star



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Here is Rio now!

Rio, also known as "Rio Ban-dito, Red Dog, Sheep Dog, Aussie Dog, Baby Dog". How lucky we were to get this exceptional boy! He loves to herd, he loves agility, he loves to work. And he loves to make me use the clicker to get treats!

Rio has been so different to train than Hamlet. Being a herding dog and a rescue has made things soo different. It is fun! Learning quickly and wanting to please make Rio fun to train! An ANGEL in the house, he can frequently be found lounging on the bed, his favorite spot! Or nudging your hand to get petted. He and Hamlet wrestle constantly and bang each other around!

Named after a favorite beer...Lone Star!

Rio. My sweet boy! This is the picture that started it all. I wanted a high drive red tri male aussie. I saw this picture on the Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, and knew he was the one! Emailed Charlene in Ohio and got to know her and learn more about Rio. What a perfect match! He flew down here on Halloween 1999, the day after Hamlet earned his NA and NAJ titles. I still remember seeing the kennel on the back of the tram, and opening it up and hugging Rio for the very first time! It was wonderful to finally meet Charlene and David in Lexington, KY when I attended the USDAA trial there. I thank them both for taking him in so that he could be a part of our hearts!