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DOGS.....Of Course

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Friends Page 2

How blessed we are to have so many friends that we needed to add another page!


Lunarlites Outlaw -- KIDD
Tania and Tim Chadwick own this crazy guy, and we love spending time with all of them whenever we can.

Click to visit Kidd's website.



Whim's Four Star General MX MXJ AAD
Jackie and Monty Bludworth's amazing dog Gen!  We sure do miss her and know that she is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.


Anne is such fun and is always good for many laughs and being silly at shows and after shows!!! We will miss them BIG TIME since they moved to Maine! Lucky for us, friendship is oblivious to distance.


Marcus Topps and Juice....our good friends that always keep us going and show us to really handle!

Click here to visit Juice and Flash's website!


Tickle and Disney, Kidd's parents
Chris and Jeff Bolton own these 2 great dogs. Both Chris and Jeff have helped me and Hamlet so much, thank goodness we met them! Wine and Waterfights=FUN! "GO ON!"

Click here to visit the realm of Bolton Agility and Bolton Dogs.


Renee Newcomb's awesome Border Collie Grit !!!! Renee's such an awesome friend, what would I do without her to talk to for 1-10 hours straight?!

Click here to visit Grit's webpage!


Behm Alpine Ideal Irony OA OAJ

This is one of our Border Terrier buds, Archie. He is loving life and having fun doing Agility. Archie is well known for his calm stay at the start line, and then EXPLODING upon release!


Flashpaws Twist and Shout ... Twist is also owned by Jackie and Monty Bludworth. He LOVES playing with Ham and Racket. Twist has been tearing it up on the agility field!!  Watch this Golden Rocket fly!!!