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DOGS.....Of Course

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ADCH Lord Hamlet of King Manor MX MXJ NAC NJC NGC FDX CGC

Am I cute or WHAT ???


Hamlet was born on August 31, 1998. I got him on November 1, 1998. The day before my birthday! He was my present, and he has been the best gift I have ever gotten!


What are all those letters behind his name?

They are called titles. Each organization gives titles to dogs who meet their standards for competition.

American Kennel Club (AKC):
AX-Agility Excellent
AXJ-Excellent Agility Jumpers With Weaves
CGC-Canine Good Citizen

United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA):
ADCH - Agility Dog Champion, one of the most impressive titles in agility
North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC):
NAC-Novice Agility Certificate
NJC-Novice Jumpers Certificate
NGC-Novice Gamblers Certificate

North American Flyball Association (NAFA):
FDX-Flyball Dog Excellent


Hamlet. What a lil man! Known to friends as "Ham, Hammie, Baby Ham, Hammer, Hambone, Lil Pooper," and several other superlatives that cannot be printed! :-) While Hamlet is not my first dog, he is my first competition dog. Driving me crazy as a pup in the apartment, we had to buy a house for him! His antics always keep me smiling and do not allow me to take life too seriously. His zest for life and UNENDING energy can be refreshing and tiring at the same time. Thank goodness he had some solid obedience training! No one ever believes that he is such a lover. He always must be touching me wherever I am, like laying at my feet when I blow dry my hair each morning. I could not imagine my life without this zany, wacky, crazy, silly, loving pup in it! That's Ham, always good for a laugh - and some serious agility. He LIVES for agility.