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DOGS.....Of Course

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Calendar, Results and Brags

A place to keep up with our Trial Results, Calendar, and Friends too!!!!!!


2001 National Steeplechase Champion


A repeat win, 2001 16" Power and Speed in Del Mar, CA September 2001.


Renee and Hamlet-Winners of the 2000 USDAA Power and Speed 16" Division
Dana Pike and Maybie-Winners of the 2000 USDAA Power and Speed 12" Division, as well as the Grand Prix Championship Winners


Hamlet with his 3rd place ribbon in the International Standard Class at AstroHall!


Whew!  It's been quite a while since I have updated the website.  The dogs have been doing very well this year, 2003.  Hamlet needs 1 more gamble to earn his ADCh title and has qualified several times over for the Grand Prix and Steeplechase.  I also found out that he made the 2002 Top Ten Snooker list! 

Racket has also done very well since his true debut in December 2002.  He won a Grand Prix and a Steeplechase in Louisiana.  And has earned his AD, NA,NAJ, OAJ titles.  He also has advanced to Masters Pairs now!  Hopefully he will get another Grand Prix qualifier so he can compete in that National as he is already qualified for Steeplechase and Team Nationals.

Funny how as soon as I updated the site, Racket earned another title this weekend in Hutto!  Very cool!  He earned his OA title.  Thank goodness they allow a lot of faults in Open!  hehehehe  We are off to Dallas next weekend for USDAA.  Can't wait to see all of our friends!


Moseley earned her ADCh!!!!!!!!
Ashley and Susie earned MX leg #7....only 3 more to go!!!!!!!


Countdown to ADCh
Standard legs 7 of 7
Pairs legs 5 of 5
Snooker legs 5 of 5
Jumpers legs 5 of 5
Gamblers legs 4 of 5
Total 26 of 27

Total Master Legs
Standard legs 10 ???
Pairs legs 10 ??
Snooker legs ?lost count
Jumpers legs 7 ?? 
Gamblers legs 4

Countdown to MACH
4 QQ 
26-27 USDAA Terrell
24-26 USDAA Wylie
5-8 River Trip!
13-15 Perry, GA
16-20 AKC AstroHall
26-27 USDAA Hutto